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Om amphi-tech

Since 1998 Amphi-tech has been a leading company within inspection, maintenance, investigation and design of water reservoirs and other water buildings. Among our clients we have municipalities and other producers of drinking water, the National Property Board of Sweden, the Swedish Transport Administration, the hydroelectric and nuclear power industry and many more. An increasing part of our production is being exported. Besides in Sweden, we operate amongst others in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Our quality work

Because our business is largely about creating a safe environment for drinking water – our most important provision – we never compromise safety. Our quality work places demands on all parts of our activities.

Competence of our employees
All our employees are regularly certified in accordance with Amphi-tech’s internal education program. They also undergo on-going relevant industry education in drinking water hygiene and drinking water technology. In addition, they are educated about new laws, rules and regulations.

Our technological competence
We develop our own technical equipment, which means we are unique in being able to perform certain services. For example, we have connected a sonar to our inspection robot for which we have a patent. This means that we always have a good control of possible obstacles and of where the robot is located.

Our equipment is adapted to ensure that the work with drinking water reservoirs is carried out with the highest quality and safety. For example, our equipment cannot contaminate the water. Therefore, our drinking water equipment is never used in any water other than drinking water alone.

Routines and processes
All our services are clearly documented and are carried out in accordance with well-planned routines. All processes have undergone a risk analysis, which implies that we take the precautionary measures required to avoid compromising safety. Of course, we have detailed procedures and methods for disinfecting equipment and personnel.

Prior to every assignment we perform:

  • A review of available documentation about the object in the form of technical blueprints, inspection protocols, films etc.
  • An object-oriented risk analysis.
  • An object-oriented job description.

After each completed assignment we perform:

  • A written certificate or protocol together with documentation in the form of pictures and films.
  • A review of the result together with the client.
  • Quality control together with the client.

Highest Creditworthiness

Amphi-tech has the highest credit rating, AAA, according to Bisnode. This requires, among other things, that the company has sales of more than 2 million SEK, has been operating for at least 10 years and has key figures that are significantly above the industry average.

Do you have questions about drinking water and its installations – give us a call!

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