During weeks 4 to 7 Amphi-tech took the next step in their expansion abroad. A number of robot-inspections have been carried out. The market in Sweden consists of a large amount of small-scale water producers, as opposed to Belgium and the Netherlands where it exists out of a small number of large-scale producers. Within this group of large-scale producers, Amphi-tech collaborates with four of the biggest companies.

In Braine l’Alleud, close to Brussels, a reservoir with a total consistence of 120 000 m3 has been inspected during week 4, as compared to reservoirs in Sweden which usually consist about 2000m3.

This was the second time for Amphi-tech to carry out an assignment in Belgium and the Netherlands. The next step in the process is to carry out robot-cleanings as well. In 2018 Amphi-tech expects to break through also in these countries.

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