In what condition is the water building?

Byggnads Bedömning

Most drinking water reservoirs and water towers were built between 1940 and 1970. The natural aging process combined with the impact of the external environment means that the buildings need to be maintained and sometimes repaired. We can assist you with inspection, sampling and assessing what measures need to be prioritized so that the reservoir can be used for as long as possible, taking today’s requirements into consideration.

Our civil engineers inspect the construction both above and below the water level, both on the inside and on the outside. The report gives a good overview of the status of the building and which measures you need to prioritize first. In addition, the report helps to create a realistic budget and detailed tender documents.

The report contains:

  • An assessment of the building’s current status.
  • Proposals for action.
  • A cost-assessment for the recommended measures.
  • A priority ranking.

Byggnads Bedömning

Designing – Hire someone who knows your water buildings from the inside

Once the constructional assessment has been completed, the next step is usually to correct the shortcomings that have come forward from the assessment. If we have made the constructional assessment – and possibly even the initial inspection – we already have a profound knowledge of your drinking water installation. It is likely that we also have a well-founded view of how the shortcomings of the construction can be corrected in the most straightforward way.

By hiring us to design the project, you know in advance who will do the job. In addition it will be cost-effective. The time necessary to visit your water building and get acquainted with the problem, you have already paid for if you have hired us for previous steps in the process.

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