Fast and safe cleaning with our robot

Rengöring Dricksvatten

Cleaning a drinking water reservoir or a water tower with the robot that we have developed ourselves is safer, faster and more hygienic than emptying the reservoir and cleaning manually. The robot is equipped with rotating brushes and hoses that suck the sediment from the bottom of the reservoir and clean the bottom at a speed of 70 – 80 m2/h while the reservoir continues to operate. With the help of lighting, camera and sonar, our technicians can control the robot quickly and safely during the assignment. After the cleaning, you will always receive written documentation with certificates and images.

Manual cleaning in empty reservoirs

Robot cleaning is the most cost-effective and hygienic method. However, if the reservoir is heavily contaminated, a manual cleaning is usually required. Manual cleaning is also required if the walls of the reservoir are too dirty, or if the slope of the water tower’s base is too big. Our employees are trained in drinking water hygiene and our equipment is only used for drinking water reservoirs. Manual cleaning is done by means of high water pressure and subsequent disinfection.


No matter the method we use, you get detailed documentation with certificates and illustrative images.

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