Robot inspection while the installation is in operation

There is no longer a reason to shut down the production to inspect an accumulator tank. Instead of emptying the reservoir, our inspection robot can be lowered down into it, which causes the disruption to be minimal. The only necessary condition is that the water temperature is lowered to 55°. In this way you will save large amounts of both energy and money. Also from an environmental perspective, this is a significantly better solution. Afterwards the entire inspection can be carried out visually and with the help of our underwater robot.

Planned robot inspections make for a better economical situation in the long term. You decrease the risk of disruptions and ensure that you meet all safety requirements. Additionally, you avoid having to replace parts and materials prematurely – all components can be used for their entire life cycle.

This is included in a basic survey:

  • Control and inspection of internal corridors.
  • Inspection of streams down the shaft from the surface to the bottom.
  • Inspection and cleaning of the bottom plane.
  • Inspection of pipe seals and upper nozzle.
  • Oral review and written inspection report.

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