Nothing escapes our underwater robot.

With the help of our underwater robot we can carry out inspections that are both fast and safe. You avoid having to empty the reservoir and wasting precious and costly time. An inspection with the help of an underwater robot usually takes two to four hours. Our robots detect everything that needs to be addressed while the water production continues. Externally the inspection is carried out visually.

The inspections are carried out by experienced inspectors and follow a carefully planned process. The result is documented in the protocol that we deliver together with film clips and images that show, among other things:

  • The general condition of the reservoir and maintenance needs.
  • If the reservoir needs cleaning.
  • If there is any leakage or contamination.
  • Recommended measures for clean drinking water storage.

Our inspection protocol – what you need for the next step

We have designed our protocols so they serve as a clear basis for your budgeting and planning of maintenance and repairs. The inspection protocol also satisfies the industry’s demands for application in the self-inspection programme.

This is included in our inspection protocol:

  • Documentation of the building data of the reservoir such as construction year, volume, bottom area, internal material, pipe material, previous inspections and cleanings.
  • Detailed remarks and recommendations for the reservoir’s internal and external environment.
  • Every remark is illustrated with an image taken during the inspection.

To the protocol we add a film that has been taken by our underwater robot.

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