Efficient inspections of sprinkler tanks

With the help of our underwater robot we can swiftly and easily carry out inspections and 10-year checks of sprinkler tanks. Sprinkler tanks are a central part of the entire sprinkler system. By doing regular checks, you know you will be able to rely on the system in crucial times.

With the help of detailed checklists and an underwater robot, our inspector can determine the condition and the maintenance needs of the tank. You get everything documented in writing, images and film.

The inspection report provides a good basis for the planning and budgeting of future maintenance and repairs. It includes:

  • Building data, such as year of construction, volume, material, bottom surface, and more.
  • The state of the tank and maintenance needs.
  • The need for cleaning.
  • Corrosion on pipes, flanges and more.
  • The necessary measures to get into maximum operational reliability and function.


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